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About Us

Why choose Spivey?

Spivey Construction is a family business built with dreams and ambition. Owner Willis Spivey began building homes in Florida during the turbulent 1970s, when a recession forced his employer to lay off workers. At age 24 Willis found himself at a crossroads, standing in an unemployment line with hundreds of others who had lost their jobs. He was unsure of what would happen next, but very sure of one thing: He could build homes and build them well.


Acting on impulse Willis stepped out of line, crossed the street, walked into a bank, and took out a loan. He used the money to build a spec house that quickly sold, and bought land next door to build another home. The date was April 4, 1975. Commercial projects followed, such as restaurant construction and renovations; but, building homes remained Willis’ passion.


Many decades and recessions later, Spivey Construction is recognized as a leader in the custom home building industry. Innovative designs, a passion for detail, and excellent customer service drive Willis and his employers to build dream homes for clients in the Lake Norman area.


But Willis Spivey’s most important goal is for clients to become his friends. His belief is that if a friendship isn’t formed throughout the process, the project was not a success.


Born and raised in southern Georgia, Willis grew up in a town where people greeted you on the street, exchanged pleasantries in the local store, and cared about those in need. Treating others with kindness and respect was just as important as working hard. Hard work has always been a part of Willis’ profession, especially early in his career when restaurant construction found him churning out buildings every 10 weeks. The business was good. But Willis missed interacting with clients, missed hearing their stories, and missed the chance to form friendships.


Willis moved to Mooresville in 1991, when trees and farmland still dominated the landscape. And while he saw potential growth for the home building industry, more importantly he met people who greeted him and took the time to talk. It felt like home.


Spivey Construction is committed to making clients’ dream homes become reality. Willis Spivey knows the home-building process is emotional; but, it’s the emotions that drive him to do the best job he can.


Passion For Detail

Every phase of home building is important, but the work completed during the last five percent of the project is what makes the difference. Spivey Construction begins your project with a list of items to accomplish from beginning to end. We are not satisfied until the last item is checked from the list. A project is not completed until everything meets yours and our standards.


Customer Service

We take pride in our work and are committed to your satisfaction before, during, and after construction. Whether it is two weeks, five months, or 10 years after completion, we are available to answer any questions or address any issues that may arise. We promise your dream home and deliver that promise.

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